Improve Your Marketing with Hashtags

Hashtag: What Is It?

A hashtag can be defined as any informative phrase or word that has the hash sign ‘#’ preceding it. The hashtag symbol is used by individuals on social media to link content or messages to that particular phrase or word that is distinguishable by the hash sign. By making use of hashtags, grouping posts or messages as links to the hashtag is now possible. Hashtags can be used to engender sets of posts or messages that comprise the hashtag.

Why are Hashtags Used?

The practice of using hashtags is essential to online marketing. From that perspective, hashtags can:

  • Draw the attention of your target market to your post or message
  • Increase your company or brand awareness
  • Amplify your promotional influence
  • Enhance SEO results
  • Improve the possibility of people to find your content

How Can a Hashtag Be Used?

The first thing to do before using the hashtag is to determine the aim of your marketing commercials and also ascertain who you intend to target with the message or post.  As soon as you specify these requirements, then you can now go ahead to make use of any of the following ways in which hashtags can be utilized:

  • Campaigns – You need to decide on a unique word or phrase that defines your campaign for people to be able to recall quickly. Whatever hashtag you end up choosing must be used throughout the duration of the campaign and must be included in all your promotional messages as well. Not only should you engage the utilization of the hashtag, but you should also urge your target audience to follow suit and use the hashtag in their posts or communications.  #BlackFriday, as well as #VirginAtlantic, are examples of campaign hashtags.
  • Branding – You can use hashtags for branding purposes as well. The chosen phrase or word should be unique to your product brand or company. Similarly, you can create a hashtag using your brand tagline or company’s motto. Ensure that you leave no spaces between the words or phrase you intend to use the hashtag. Also, ensure that you keep the phrase or words as simple as possible and very short as well. Examples are #iPhones and #QualitySpeaks.
  • Events – You can make use of hashtags for events that revolve around business conferences, seminars, exhibitions, community celebrations or gatherings.  A popular hashtag utilized in this format is #Christmas.
  • Informative Content – Hashtags can be used to search for related content on the web. This is why you need to use it carefully at any time so that the audience you are targeting will be able to come across your marketing messages. Businesses can make use of hashtags to target other businesses (B2B) such as #DigitalMarketing while firms that focus more on consumers (B2C) employ hashtags that are related to lifestyles such as #loseweight and #trendy
  • Geographical Purposes – Whether your business is focused on consumers within your locale or is situated in several locations across the country, making use of the hashtag comes in handy as you will be able to focus any promotional message or post to targeted audiences at any of these geographical locations.

To get great results when using hashtags, remember to keep it simple, easy to recall and appropriate to your target market. Include it in all your marketing posts and encourage others to use the hashtag.